Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lets wrap this trip up already...

Alright this is all out of order but who cares? This is at the restaurant the our last night in Italy. It is in Bergamo, the second city I lived in while in Italy, and it was the best place we ate. Rachel loved Bergamo. There are no tourists and it is beautiful.

They had a live band making the mood so romantic Rach could hardly stand it. Too bad we were still in our swimming suits from swimming all day in Lake Garda. We looked like idiots but I don't think we will see anyone from that night anytime soon.

I took a pic of the appetizer after I ate a lot of it.

Making the desserts.

This is from the ancient city on top of a hill. It is surrounded by a huge stone wall.

Rach enjoying the wall.

Another one of my sweet window pictures.

Bergamo the awesome. It is in the Pre-Alps and in the winter the entire town smells like roasting chestnuts. And yes... they are roasting on an open fire.

Part of the art museum in Bergamo. The main cathedral of Bergamo is in the background.

More of the center part of the old city of Bergamo.

I swear this little boy statues head was there when I lived here.

The main square in Citta' Alta (the High City) of Bergamo

This is a picture within a picture if you will. It is of a small peninsula that juts out in Lake Garda. It has a small medieval village called Sirmione on it as well as ancient Roman ruins you can see in the foreground. Its just a cool place that shows how long it has been inhabited by lots of different peoples for thousands of years.

The Duomo of Bergamo. It has huge tapestries on the inside which date back to the 9th century

Eating lunch at Sirmione on Lake Garda. That day had perfect weather with Palm trees and and clear water.

The beach near Sirmione on Lake Garda.

The castle of Sirmione

Tops were definitely optional at the lake.

This place had Olive trees throughout the restaurant and you had to go through a little cave to enter.

The moat surrounding the castle.

The gate to Sirmione

Rachel ready to storm the castle

Rachel in front of the Arena in Verona. This is where the story of Romeo and Juliet takes place.

Rachel effortlessly scaling the stairs. They were getting ready for an Opera there.

A window from the home of Juliet.

One of the arches of the Arena

The balcony of Juliet. Ah...L'amore...

Palazzo Ducale in Venice. This is the ruling palace of the Doge family. Before Napoleon the Ventians were very wealthy and powerful and were good at showing their power. They lost their empire and influence after their deleterious pact with Napoleon. Lets be honest though...Italy hasn't really been known for making the best alliances.

The water raises in St. Mark's square when the tide comes in.

The Basilica of Saint Mark.

Wow this is out of place. A statue of Juliet in Verona again.

Ok back to Venice. Sunset on the famous Rialto bridge.

Another couple enjoying a gondola ride.

The high tide in St. Mark's again.

We went for a gondola ride right at sunset. It was pretty awesome.

Don't rock the boat Rach!

Our gondolier. Can't remember his name.

Venetian window!

We went to a small island outside of Venice called Burano.

You can't tell by this picture but this tower is leaning over more than the one in Pisa. I don't hear anyone making a big deal about the leaning tower of Burano!


Gelato in Burano. This is where we got your necklaces Mom and Marcy.

She loooooves pictures!

These logs help to stop the boats that take you around. Pretty cool I thought but if you grew up on the coast you may disagree as to the extent of coolness.

A view of St Mark's square from a distance.

This is the Palo d' Oro or the Gold Wall in St. Marks Basilica. It is only turned to the congregation on Christmas Eve because it is sacred but is available to see by throngs of tourists daily for the basement price of ten euro.

I love to see the detail on the stone work in the churches.

The entire ceiling of the basilica is covered in plated gold.

This is the Ponte dei Sospiri or Bridge of Sighs. It connects the Judicial part of the Doge Palace with old prison and execution chambers. It got its name because for many found guilty the last light of day would have been seen from those small windows and the guilty would sigh as they crossed it. They had it all decorated for something with all these clouds.

Rachel being happy in front of St. Mark's

Palazzo Ducale again.

This tower actually fell. I think it was in the early part of the turn of the last century. The community held an emergency meeting the night after it fell and decided to start rebuilding it immediately. Its crazy that it didn't hit the palace or Saint Mark's.

This is our hotel.

Angelina Jolie was just getting ready to pick up Johnny Depp in this boat. You would have to have seen "The Tourist" to get that.

Just a Gypsy guy playing the violin. he was really good.

This waiter was really struggling to debone this fish. I thought it was pretty funny. Well I hope you enjoyed the pictures. If anyone is going to Italy ever and would like to have us come with them and pay for us we will strongly consider the request.