Saturday, January 31, 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow

The past week or so we have had a lot of snow dumped on us. Davis has wanted to go and play in it but we didn't really have any snow clothes for him. I was telling my mom about it and she said "Oh my heck go out and buy him some boots and a snowsuit, quit trying to be so cheap.". I did go out and look but I didn't find anything. We ended up getting a fun package in the mail from Grandma. My mom sent him a snowsuit with a matching coat and some boots. Davis was so excited with his new snow clothes. He wants to go out everyday and guess who gets to go with him? Not Dad, big fat mommy gets to put on her snow gear and make snow angels with him. He loves being out in the snow even if it freezing cold. I have to say it is fun to do something different with him and it is good to see him so happy.