Thursday, November 6, 2008

Craft Night

Some of us gals got together this week and had a craft night. We made some cute pumpkins and some fireworks. They're the same thing but just painted differently. It was a lot of fun and we plan to do it every month. I am really not that crafty but it is nice to have an excuse to get out of the house and be with girls. Thanks Amanda and Kevin for doing all that you did to get everything ready for us, and for letting us come to your house.

Monday, November 3, 2008

What Can You Get For $180?

Rach said that she would like to get a new couch for the condo, but seeing as how I am owned by The Ohio State University I thought it would be a bad idea. Then, my friend Josh told me about the JC Penny outlet and said you can find some good deals. How's $180 bucks for a brand new sectional sound for a good deal!? It has a minor flaw that you can't even see. I don't want to blow this out of proportion but its probably the best thing I have ever done in my life ever buying this couch.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Bunch of Halloweenies

This Halloween was so fun and eventful. Ohio is such a great place for Halloween because the leaves are still falling and its not too cold. Davis loved trick-or-treating. He couldn't believe all the candy people were giving to him. He was Batman even though he doesn't know who he is. He even learned the Batman song, "Da na na na na na na Batman!" Our condo complex had hot air balloons and a lot of people just sitting on their porches to hand out candy. It has been a wonderful fall in Ohio.

We just thought this was funny. I put Davis' little chair facing the wall and when we gave him a bowl of crackers, he still just went and sat in it. So here he is facing the wall eating his crackers.

Brian was a soccer player and I was the ball. He drew the soccer ball also. Looks pretty good huh?

The super heroes! Braxton and Davis

Shayne and Sherri had a great party on Halloween! She went all out on the decorations. It was a fun atmosphere and all the food had gross or scary names like vomit dip and severed fingers.

Davis' first trick -or-treating experience. He was so cute! He wanted his mask down like that the whole time.

The finished jack-o-lanterns. Brian said the Jazz pumpkin is supposed to be the other one's hat.