Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween and Trick or treating

Hulk, Woody and two witches

Watching some of the kids out trick or treating

Go Buckeyes!

I finally went to a game with Brian. I called one of the
young women in our ward to watch the kids and we went. it was
such a nice day too. It was great to get out and do something
different. Brian thought I was bored at the game but
I'm pretty entertained by people watching.

Leeds Farm

One Saturday afternoon the kids and I went with some friends
to another pumpkin farm.

Don't we look so cute?

This was a big pumpkin jumping thing. It was awesome!
Davis wouldn't really know because he spent most of his
time trying to climb up. It was way to slippery with
those darn socks. All the other kids who were a little bit bigger
ran to get on before little Davis could. It was kinda sad.
Finally, I told him to take his socks off and he was able to jump
for a minute. It was a waste of time waiting in the long line.
Reece was so mad she couldn't get on. I wished we would have
went with everyone else we were with to the corn boxes.

This was called the banana train. Reece was also
mad when I had to ride with her. She wants to be a
big girl.

The fun corn boxes. They are like a sand box but it's
corn instead, and less messy and a lot of fun!