Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas post ( a little late)

Sledding in front of Grandpa and Grandma Peck's house. Not much of a hill but they still had fun.

If Grandma and Grandpa Dansie are not going to use the jetted tub then the kids will.

Sledding behind the four wheeler in with Uncle Jeff and Grandpa.

Davis was so excited to see Santa Claus at Aunt Laraine's house. He talked about it the rest of the week.

Reece was not too shy with Santa either.

Reece and cousin Colton

Davis was Joseph this year in the nativity and Lauren was Mary. A big honor to say the least. Reece was the star but we didn't get a good pic.

Davis finally got his Big Buzz and Big Woody! Joy was had by all.

It seemed a pretty popular thing to do to give Davis Toy Story stuff. He was so happy, well, and sad every time another person touched his toys.

Sissy was just happy to play with the paper.

A bunch of little Dansie gremlins

Reece and her cousin James.

Christmas back at our house when we got home. Davis was sorely disappointed in his gifts from us and Santa at home.

Aunt Marcy got Reece this binki. She still puts it in every time she finds it.