Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The past month

Davis sitting on his early b-day present from Grandma Peck.
She had to send it out for the baby blessing so Davis and his little friend Braxton would have a place to sit. My mom is always thinkin.

Since we didn't have family around and my sister Melissa to take pictures, these are pretty much the only pictures that we got of us. Don't we look great! Everyone had gone home accept 1 couple so I hurried and put Reece's dress back on and we took a couple of family pics and a couple of Reece.

Brian said that when he saw this flower he thought of Reece. Ahhh. We didn't know where to plant it before the blessing so that is why it's still in the cup. Look how much she loves her flower.
It is planted now.

Me trying to be a little photographer a couple weeks after her big day. Not so great, but Reece looks cute and that's all that matters. My mom got her dress, isn't it so pretty.

The only picture I got of Davis at the zoo this time. The big gorilla actually ran right up to the window. He looked like he was gonna get Davis. Davis didn't even flinch when it happened but I was looking through the camera and I kinda screamed. It was a little embarrassing.

He looks so innocent and sweet

The kids new ride. I love it so much!

Davis is so into Baseball lately. He always tried to throw the ball up and hit it. He doesn't have much luck hitting it but someday he'll be great! Brian said he is just gonna have to accept it if Davis wants to play baseball when he's in high school.

Thumbs up dude! Davis is with his little buddy Ethan. They are little twinners and they are so cute together. Notice Davis has his pointer fingers up. He has a hard time getting his thumbs up. We are working with him so he doesn't embarrass himself someday.

Let's go fly a kite. It was a very windy day and the kite really didn't get up much.
Davis had fun anyway and so did Brian.

Purple is such a great color. I love pink but when you see it everyday it gets old. She doesn't have a lot of purple clothes. I had to take a picture with her laying on her purple blanket that her cute little cousin Karson made for her.

Reece is 3 months old in this picture. I can't believe that she is that old. She is so cute and so happy now. She still has a hard time sleeping for naps. She takes about 45 min naps on a good day. What do I do? She is a different child than Davis, he loved his 3 naps a day for at least 2 hrs long.