Friday, October 15, 2010

Circle S Farms

Last weekend we went with some of our friends to pick
pumpkins at Circle S Farms.

All these girls are born within days of each other. So cute!
Reece, Emeri, Abby, and Averi.

The little girls are racing through the straw.
Emeri was the winner!

All the dad's were just letting there little girls
go down the slide by themselves but us.
Are we lame parents or what? I think
we make our kids scared of stuff sometimes.
Davis wouldn't even go down the slide with
Brian or me. At least Reece would. She didn't
have a choice.

Just being cute!

Farmer Davis- He looks so sweet and innocent in this picture.

This little farmer has 4 sets of fingers. Crazy!

Don't even think I'm pregnant because I'm not. I really
didn't want to put this picture in but I'm not really in any of
the other ones.

Davis and Abby

Trying to find some good pumpkins

There's a cute one

found some

Does she like to cheese or what?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm back

I know that it has been months since I last posted, 8 months to
be exact. I don't really know why I stopped blogging. Well
I was just lazy I guess. I went back through and posted 15 posts. I didn't
write about most of them but I wanted to put pictures up because
I want this to be like my scrapbook. I'm sure if you look at this
you won't go back through and look at all the pictures but I had to
mention it so you know I didn't give up completely. I hope to be better
at keeping up but I we'll just have to wait and see.

Happy Birthday Brian!

This is late but Happy Birthday to Brian. He just turned 28.
Wow! What an old man. We had some of his friends over for
cake and ice cream, It was a party!


After Brian's parents came out we all flew back to Utah
for the last 2 weeks of Brian's break. It was great to see our
families and just hang out. Brian and I were going to take a road
trip from Utah to Washington state. We wanted to see if it could potentially
be a place for us to move when he finishes school. We decided not to
do the long trip and we went up to Park City for a couple of days instead.
It was great! We shopped and we each got a massage (which was heavenly.)
We ate out and went down the Alpine slide and coaster.
It was so nice to not have our darling little kids for those couple of day.
Thanks mom for watching them.
After we got home from PC we headed down to good old Green River Utah,
home of Brian's sisters family. They weren't able to come up to Nephi so
we went down there and got to experience Melon Days! It was great!

Reece sitting with Aunt Heather, Lauren and James at the Park.

My dad's friend let him borrow his fun machine one Sunday
afternoon and all the kids had a blast riding around the yard.

Grandpa, Laynee and Reece going for a ride.
Davis and Reece had so much fun playing with cousins
all day everyday.

Ashlyn gave Reece a bath all by herself. I loved that I
didn't have to do it. Thanks Ashy.
Going up the ski lift to go down the Alpine slide.
He looks excited doesn't he?

Davis catching candy with Easton at the Melon Days parade.

You can't tell in this picture but Davis had the worst cold while we
were in Green River. He looked miserable and his nose kept running and running.
He wasn't going to miss out on catching candy at a parade though.
What kid wouldn't?

Reece hugging Great Grandma Mary's doll.
She would give her hugs and kisses. It was
so sweet.

Cheese Please


Brian's parents came out to visit during Brian's fall break.
We went on a little trip while they were out here to Kirtland,
Niagara falls, and to Palmyra.

Kirtland Temple

This was a big bowl of Mac n cheese and Reece was starving and
ate almost the whole thing with that big fork. She was pretty proud.

Temple grounds at the Palmyra Temple.

In front of the Smiths log home.