Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look Who's One

I can't believe that Reece is one now. It seems like she was just born. We just love this little gal and we think she is the cutest little girl ever.

She loves it Grandma

Of course Davis had to try it too.

She acted more determined to eat than get messy.

Our happy family

Reece's b-day gifts. She says thanks to everyone for her new things

This girl is electric
Davis and Reece had fun making a house out of the car seat box. Yes, Davis is a costume wearer. He is either Spiderman or Buzz every day. Some times he wears both and is SpiderBuzz.

Valentines weekend

The dental school has a dance thing called the Mandiball every year and this year we decided to go.

Me taking tickets.

Rachel trying to feel up her man a little

I just wanted to put the sexy vibe out all night.

This is the cake. Everything on there is edible.

Everyone just gettin' crazy. Rach and I even danced for a while. Enough people were drunk that we actually felt okay about our awesome moves.

Valentine presents from the fam.

On Valentines, we made dinner for our ladies. I made the shrimp even though Rachel hates seafood, but everyone knew that I am the Iron Chef of seafood.

Us being happy

Lil' Sissa

Reece and her friend Tatum.

Moms of the aforementioned Reece and Tatum

Fun in the snow

This is our car if you can't tell

Good thing Reece and I put on extra cheek weight for the winter months

Rachel and Davis made this sweet snowman.

Our little snow princess. If you just said "Ah, what a Cutie," you would be completely justified.

I think we had something like 25 or more inches of snow in February. I have been looking for opportunities in Hawaii after this winter.