Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

WARNING: lots of pictures of some things we've done in Utah.
Brian said that all he wanted for Father's Day was for me to blog some pictures.
Here you go honey. Enjoy!
Happy Fathers Day Daddy!
We love you so much and miss you.

The cat started rubbing himself on my dad's head.
I think that they both enjoyed it though.

Throwing rocks in the river.

Breakfast time

Everone keeps saying that Reece looks a lot like
my little nephew Chase.

This little tree Brian planted up at our house in Logan
a couple of years ago. We went up around there with
my family and Brian wanted us to check to see if
it was still alive.

This was our garden spot in Logan and we had to take a picture
to show Brian how nice this garden is.

Grandma Mary

Reece with cousin Isaac. They're about 2 months apart.
so cute!

Grandpa Dansie loves little babies and bathing them too.

Since we knew we were going to Utah Davis has been calling
Grandpa to ride his horses. When he finally had the chance
to ride one he didn't want to get on.

Cute little Levi