Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun Times

Last weekend Brian really wanted to go to a Chicago Cubs game but the tickets were too much money so we decided to go to a Cleveland Indians game instead. We went up with our friends Dave and Stephanie and stayed in a hotel. It was pretty fun just to go and see a game even though I really didn't watch much. Davis was actually pretty good. I only took him for 2 little walks.

During the middle of this week we were able to go camping with some other friends, the Baldwins and the Richards. We went to a place not far from our house called Alum Creek Lake. There were many campsites around and a fun beach they made where we were able to go swim. We had a great time Amanda, thanks for inviting us.
Here are a bunch of pics from the past week.

Playing at the beach on our way home from camping

Brian didn't bring his swim suit so he had a lot of fun building a sandcastle and covering Davis with Sand.

Davis and Braxton had a great time playing in the dirt. They were filthy the whole time but they had fun.

The campsite.

Right before we left Brian took the trash to the dumpster and this is what he saw.

Kevin decided to get a long stick and put it in there so it could crawl out. I bet it was so happy to finally get out of the garbage.

Mike, Candice and Taylee Richards.

Amanda and Braxton Baldwin. Sorry Kevin I didn't get a pic of you.

Trying to get Braxton and Davis to pose for a cute picture

Davis being ornery.

At the Indians game

Go Indians!

Dave and Stephanie Jump